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Health Cybersecurity Summit 2018

Worried about being hacked? Not sure how to respond to a cyber incursion? The first line of defense is a cyber threat preparedness strategy that includes coordination with critical infrastructure and emergency management agencies. Join executives, security professionals and elected officials for the Silicon Valley Leadership Group's Health Cybersecurity Summit on Friday, July 20, at Citrix Headquarters in Silicon Valley. Engage in a real-time cyber threat and response simulation, hone your digital defense skills, and learn about the unique security concerns faced by the healthcare industry and related infrastructure providers.

Key Information

Friday, July Fr, yyyy 7:30 AM
Event Duration: 1 Days
Santa Clara, California United States
Cost: $50 - $70

Health Cybersecurity Summit 2018 | Summit

Friday, July Fr, yyyy 7:30 AM

Santa Clara, California, United States