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(ISC)2 Baltimore February Chapter Meeting

Hunter Cole and Greg Bammel will present on "Save your SOC (With Security Automation) at the February 2019 meeting for the (ISC)2 Baltimore chapter. We will discuss the challenges SOC and IR teams are having today, and how security automation can help solve them. Specifically we will cover how SOC and IR teams are being inundated with alerts, unable to maintain a consistent IR process and spending too much time on manual mundane tasks. By implementing a security automation solution, SOC/IR teams can focus on more exciting and important work, while saving the organization time and money.

Key Information

Thursday, February Th, yyyy 6:30 PM
Event Duration: 1 Days
Maryland United States

(ISC)2 Baltimore February Chapter Meeting | Summit

Thursday, February Th, yyyy 6:30 PM

Maryland, United States