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Borderless Cyber Conference and Technical Symposium

OASIS and FIRST will host a unique, two-day conference to help organizations identify and avoid some of the biggest pitfalls in threat intelligence. The conference program brings together the OASIS Borderless Cyber and FIRST Technical Symposium communities to provide guidance, outline next steps, and identify available resources to help you deal with imminent or emerging cyber threats. This is a two-day program geared toward bringing together cyber threat intelligence experts from industry, government agencies, and CSIRTs worldwide to share experiences, debate, and collaborate on strategies, tactics and practices to effectively protect companies in today's threat environment. The program will feature keynotes, interactive panel discussions, and many use case presentations from a broad range of industries.

Key Information

Prague Czech Republic
Cost: 350 EUR

Borderless Cyber Conference and Technical Symposium | Symposium

Wednesday, December 06, 2017 9:00 AM

Prague, Czech Republic