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FIRST Cyber Threat Intelligence Symposium (CTI)

The 2019 FIRST Symposium on Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) will be held March 18-20th 2019 at BT Centre (81 Newgate Street, London), hosted by BT and Digital Shadows. There will be one day of training followed by two days of plenary sessions. This event will be open to both FIRST members and non-members. Proceedings will not be recorded. No press will be admitted. Speakers may stipulate that their sessions be treated as confidential and all attendees are expected to respect this. Breaches of the FIRST Code of Conduct (including failing to respect the confidentiality of certain sessions) have consequences.

Key Information

Monday, March Mo, yyyy
Event Duration: 2 Days
London United Kingdom
Cost: US$ 250 - US$ 2000

FIRST Cyber Threat Intelligence Symposium (CTI) | Symposium

Monday, March Mo, yyyy

London, United Kingdom