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Data Security Talks: Mumbai 2022

Data is your most valuable asset–but it’s also your most vulnerable. Despite putting thorough and rigorous defensive security measures in place, ransomware is still getting in and corrupting data, forcing organisations to pay massive ransom fees. The reality is that thicker walls are no longer enough. This is the event in which you will glean from the real experts, help you to appreciate what to expect with Ransomware and dare we say it, should you take the advice on board, you’ll be prepared and have the confidence that you need to sucker punch those cyber criminals right. Our India/across India event will look at how sophisticated Cyber Attacks have become, will dive deep into the specific India region regarding cyber attacks and will share best practices on developing a holistic multi-level data protection & recovery strategy.

Key Information

Wednesday, August We, yyyy
Event Duration: 1 Days
Mumbai India