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Homeland Security Middle East

This is the first event that focuses on the construction industry to build infrastructure in order to fight natural and man-made disasters. The conference also offers a chance to learn about national and international strategies to better protect critical infrastructure. What is the event’s learning objectives? Getting a broad overview on protecting critical infrastructure and discussing unique challenges and solutions to improve security and resilience; Gaining a better understanding of physical and cyber threats facing critical infrastructure; Learning how to manage threats through risk management; Determining generic risks like weather, man-made disasters and cyber attacks; Identifying different risks relating to specific types of critical infrastructure; Discussing methods to improve planning and response to physical and cyber threats; Evaluating the benefits of interagency coordination; Interacting and sharing perspectives among industry leaders and colleagues.

Key Information

Monday, May Mo, yyyy 8:00 AM
Event Duration: 2 Days
Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates
Cost: $699 - $999

Homeland Security Middle East | Talk

Monday, May Mo, yyyy 8:00 AM

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates