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Priorities for cost-conscious CISOs

Law firm CISOs have no shortage of potential cybersecurity priorities. They can break the problem down into broad functional areas: discovery, investigation, containment, recovery. They can guesstimate an 80:20 rule to prioritise particular technologies based on risk types: identity and access management, advanced perimeter defences, or new endpoint protection technologies. They can prioritise according to the current level and type of threats versus their vulnerabilities, including focusing on internal, human issues rather than external actors. They can build a process based on choices between on-premises, cloud or fully outsourced, or based on their view of the best operational structures. They may decide that cost reduction should motivate their choices and so focus on technologies that remove costs, such as AI and automation.

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Thursday, January Th, yyyy
Event Duration: 1 Days
London United Kingdom

Priorities for cost-conscious CISOs | Talk

Thursday, January Th, yyyy

London, United Kingdom