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The 3rd Great Power Competition Conference: Cybersecurity: The Fifth Domain

Join elite cybersecurity experts and policy leaders from the US military, federal government, academia, and private industry for an extensive examination of the United States’ role in cyberspace. Speakers and panelists will discuss current and emerging cyberattacks conducted by various nation‐states and their proxies: Who and what are the targets? Who is behind the attacks? What are the strategic, operational, and tactical objectives behind these attacks? From there, we will explore national options for responding to these threats on the tactical, strategic, and doctrinal levels: How can we respond to these threats, and how should we respond? What are the obstacles to and consequences of strategic and tactical response options? What technological solutions are on the horizon? Should the U.S. adopt a more multi‐domain offensive posture that eschews the currently dominant “cyber vs cyber” paradigm.

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