Detect and Track Security Attacks with NetWitness

Conducting forensic investigations into incidents is a crucial part of unearthing the details of security attacks. With the rise of security analytics tools, those investigations can provide excellent information about where an at ... see more

How BEC Threat Landscape is Evolving

This presentation will provide insight into how the BEC landscape has evolved in recent years. We will discuss how and why BEC attack types have evolved and look at how active defense tactics can help impact this growing cyber thr ... see more

From Reactive to Proactive: Operationalizing Threat Intel

Beyond enterprise organizations, being able to operationalize threat intelligence tends to feel out of reach due to constraints on resources, team availability, processes, and budget. This means that most mid-sized security teams ... see more

Data Privacy Day 2021:Data Privacy in an Era of Change

In 2020, the world’s citizens experienced a broad spectrum of events that disrupted people’s lives, from economic turbulence, to the pandemic, to social movements, environmental disasters, and much more. While technology has raced ... see more

Cyber Security West: Feb 2021

SANS is committed to delivering high-quality cyber security training so you can keep your skills sharp and stay ahead of cyber threats. Join us for interactive training during SANS Cyber Security West 2021 - Live Online (Feb 1-6, ... see more

Incredible Email Hacks You'll Never Expect

91% of malware is delivered by email, but email hacking is much more than phishing and launching malware. In this webinar we'll explore surprising ways hackers trick your users into revealing sensitive information or executing mal ... see more

Stop Attacker Movement and Stop Ransomware

It’s still difficult to be certain that attackers can’t bypass security tools, move inside your environment and encrypt your data. Scattering ransomware all over the internet and hoping to hit paydirt, has given way to highly targ ... see more

SANS Essentials Australia

You now have more ways to complete your SANS training course than ever before. Several courses at this event are available to attend via the In-Person Live stream modality, and all courses will also be available Live Online. You c ... see more

Measure Risk and Proactively Strengthen Security

The great cybersecurity paradox: you invest heavily in security controls, working tirelessly to fill gaps-but you are not really moving the needle on risk. Learn practical ways to build security programs that enable business and r ... see more

SANS Secure Japan 2021

SANS Live Online offers live, interactive streaming sessions delivered directly from your instructor. Featuring many of the activities that SANS students love at training events such as bonus topical presentations, cyber range cha ... see more
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