SANS Secure India

SANS Live Online offers live, interactive streaming sessions delivered directly from your instructor. Featuring many of the activities that SANS students love at training events such as bonus topical presentations, cyber range cha ... see more

Overwhelmed by alerts? Prioritising and Rationalising Threat Notifications in the Security Operations Centre

A SOC will deliver uninterrupted monitoring of an organisation’s IT network, computers, servers, databases, applications, security systems, internet traffic and all other components within the digital infrastructure. Any incidents ... see more

Faking It: Stopping Impersonation Attacks with Cyber AI

A cyber-attack is reported every 10 minutes. (Australian Cyber Security Centre). Working patterns have radically changed, prompting skyrocketing use of email and collaboration tools – and they’re here to stay. The surface area ... see more

Cyber-Intelligence Empowering IT Security Audit

Threat Intelligence can be used to enrich the process of Security Assessment, proving the enforcement of security controls required for security and compliance. As threat intelligence technology evolves, it’s become instrumental t ... see more

Cyber-Attack Against Insurance Systems (CAIS) Exercise

The CAIS virtual tabletop exercise challenges your incident response team to overcome a simulated attack against insurance company systems and processes. Participants practice mobilizing quickly, working under pressure, critically ... see more

IoT Under Attack: Thwarting Zero-Days with Cyber AI

Join Dave Masson, Darktrace’s Director of Enterprise Security, and Marcus Fowler, Darktrace's Director of Strategic Threat on Wednesday, 21st April at 3pm – 3.30pm BST as they discuss the challenges of securing IoT devices, and le ... see more

Protecting critical infrastructure online: Water & Cybersecurity

Cyberattacks on water or wastewater utilities can cause significant harm such as: disrupted treatment and conveyance processes by opening and closing valves, overriding alarms or disabling pumps or other equipment; defacing the ut ... see more

FS-ISAC Cyber-Range Exercise

Attend our one-day, hands-on-keyboard exercise in which participants observe and respond to a realistic Ransomware attack. Exercise participants are tasked with detecting, responding to, and defending against, an adversary’s campa ... see more

Screaming Channels: When TEMPEST Meets Side Channels and Wireless Security

TEMPEST attacks are a well-known threat that consists of spying on an electronic device through its unintended physical emissions. Physical emissions are also used by side-channel attacks to break cryptographic implementations. H ... see more

Strong Authentication that Supports Zero-Trust Initiatives

The on-going work from home environment has highlighted security gaps and highlighted the need for organizations to implement a zero-trust architecture. The New York Department of Financial Services Report on the July 2020 Twitter ... see more
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