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Digital Identity: How Identity Management Protects Your Data and Enables Your Users

The digital “you.” Whether at home, or at work, your digital identity represents your physical persona to the world; you use it to gain access to services, both physical and virtual. At home, “identity theft” can result in financial loss, credit score degradation, social media embarrassment, and, at best, general inconvenience. In an enterprise environment, a single compromised identity is the first step in an incursion with operational, financial, and reputational impacts. While we implement protective controls across our most relevant threat vectors, the effective management and protection of user identity is often perceived as unachievable or insurmountable. Identity management is a process, one that starts with identifying a user’s privilege and moves through ensuring that those privileges are as limited as possible all while monitoring and protections are implemented in accordance with the risk profile of each user’s role.

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