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IoT Under Attack: Thwarting Zero-Days

While developers have focused on perfecting the convenience and utility of their products, many IoT devices are rushed to market without security in mind, and represent the perfect means of stealthy and surreptitious entry for attackers. Join Darktrace's Dave Masson, Director of Enterprise Security, and Marcus Fowler, Director of Strategic Threat as they discuss the challenges of securing IoT devices, and learn how Cyber AI is able to detect and autonomously respond to the full range of IoT threats in their earliest stages. In this session, we will uncover: •How Darktrace’s AI understands what ‘normal’ looks like for all IoT devices on the corporate network •How Darktrace recently thwarted a Mirai malware attack on a CCTV camera •How a low-and-slow attack on a smart locker was neutralized by Cyber AI within seconds

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