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Protecting Critical Infrastructures Using AI: Industry Insights

In this webinar, learn about: •Why Entegrus and Energy+ sought a new approach to address their security concerns; •How Darktrace fits into Entegrus and Energy+’s security stack, including how they operationalize the technology day-to-day; •How Darktrace can uniquely protect both IT and OT networks from the silent and stealthy threats that could unknowingly be on your network. Silent and stealthy threats can be active on a network for weeks or months, slowly doing damage without detection. These pernicious threats are especially dangerous to industrial environments still reliant on legacy bespoke systems. Industrial Control Systems environments face a myriad of new security challenges such as connected industrial devices, sensors, remote maintenance repair operations, and increasing connectivity to IT systems. How can we combat these challenges amidst an increasingly volatile cyber-threat landscape?