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The Eve of GDPR: The Ship is Sailing, Get On Board

The deadline for GDPR has finally arrived, over six years after the concept was initially proposed and 20 years since the last Data Protection Act. Whilst there has been much discussion and scare mongering around compliance and lack of preparedness, GDPR will offer a new reign of data protection and control for citizens. In this editorial webinar, Infosecurity and guest speakers will look at how GDPR came about initially, what it changes in terms of data protection and what steps businesses will need to take once the deadline has passed. This webinar will: Explain what steps businesses can take to achieve quick compliance; Consider the effects that GDPR will have on an organization’s information security; Discuss how GDPR affects international relations for businesses with offices in the USA and further overseas; Analyze the future for UK businesses; Consider how tough the regulator will actually be.

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