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The Key to Conquering Cloud – How Training & Certifications Help

Organizations of all types and sizes are migrating to the cloud. But any such journey is fraught with potential problems and the move to the cloud is no different. During this live webinar cybersecurity experts John McCumber, Director of Cybersecurity Advocacy for (ISC)², and Holger Schulze CEO and co-founder of Cybersecurity-Insiders will explore how a well trained and certified IT staff can address and mitigate these issues. They will delve into the results from a recent report completed by Cybersecurity Insiders and (ISC)² that investigated cloud security risks, threats, and vulnerabilities. Key discussions topics will include: - Cloud migration issues, - How training and certification benefits an organization, and - Why a well-trained security and IT staff can best enable a smooth and safe journey to the cloud.

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