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Cyber Incident Reporting

Mobile Apps

With Cyware Pro App:

  • You will receive real-time customized role-based alerts and advisories on malware, vulnerabilities, breaches, threat methods, new phishing scams, mobile security, social media threats, cyber strategy and planning.
  • Gain access to a diverse range of exquisite reporting features including cyber incident reporting, threat intelligence sharing, and physical security reporting to help you report any suspicious cybersecurity activity or incident to your security team.
  • Discuss sensitive issues with your team members over Secure Messaging platform that allows you to initiate direct one-on-one conversations or group/topic based conversations.
  • Receive immediate notifications during an emergency and coordinate the recovery process through our Call Tree feature.
  • Deal efficiently with cyber security mobile threats.
physical security reporting

Desktop App

Cyware Pro Desktop App can be installed on Mac, Windows and Linux to receive real-time cyber security updates. This tailor-made app has a personalized UI experience offering you a seamless way to consume information even when you’re busy at work.

This app is loaded with multiple rich features including real-time Situational Awareness cards, Secure Messenger, and reporting features like Cyber Incident Reporting, Intel Sharing, Physical Security Reporting etc. It is the perfect platform for holistic protection of your organization that other cyber security products and services fail to offer.

cyber security incident reporting

Web App

Cyware Pro Web App offers the perfect cross-platform experience. Users can access Situational Awareness cards even if they work on a distinct platform other than Mac, Windows and Linux.

This browser-based app offers you a seamless experience in consuming important security information through our host of features such as Situational Awareness cards, Secure Messenger, multiple cyber security incident reporting features and more. It also comes loaded with other features dedicated to deal with cyber threats that won’t let you miss the desktop or mobile app experience.

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