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Multiple Vulnerabilities Found In Healthcare Software OpenEMR

A combination of these vulnerabilities allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary system commands on any OpenEMR server and to steal sensitive patient data. In the worst case, they can compromise the entire critical infrastructure.

Experts Uncover the Identity of Mastermind Behind Golden Chickens Malware Service

Cybersecurity researchers have discovered the real-world identity of the threat actor behind Golden Chickens malware-as-a-service, who goes by the online persona "badbullzvenom."

Aurora Infostealer Malware Deploys Shapeshifting Tactics

Cyble researchers determined that, in order to target a variety of well-known applications, the attackers are actively changing and customizing their phishing websites. Aurora targets data from web browsers and crypto wallets, among others.

New Wave of Database Injection Attacks Compromise WordPress Sites

New Wave of Database Injection Attacks Compromise WordPress Sites - Cybersecurity news
The latest wave has been active since December 26, 2022, and over 5,600 websites are impacted by it so far. It has switched from fake CAPTCHA push notification scams to black hat ad networks.

Python-based PY#RATION RAT Stealthily Harvests Sensitive Information

Python-based PY#RATION RAT Stealthily Harvests Sensitive Information - Cybersecurity news
PY#RATION can transfer files from the infected host machine to its C2 servers or vice versa. It uses WebSockets to avoid detection and for C2 communication and exfiltration.

New 'Pig Butchering' Scam in West Africa Impersonates US Financial Advisors

Recently discovered by cybersecurity experts at DomainTools, the 'pig butchering' operation uses a complex network of social engineering techniques to defraud victims in West Africa.

Chinese researchers: RSA is breakable. Others: Do not panic!

The basic claim of the paper, published last Christmas by 24 Chinese researchers, is that they have found an algorithm that enables 2,048-bit RSA keys to be broken even with the relatively low-power quantum computers available today.

Three business application security risks businesses need to prepare for in 2023

As ERP attacks increase this year, more organizations must ensure their security strategy takes these applications into account to keep their sensitive data and files. It's crucial to understand what risks are threatening their ERP applications.

Researchers Uncover Connection Between Moses Staff and Emerging Abraham's Ax Hacktivists Group

Moses Staff made its first appearance on the threat landscape in September 2021 with the goal of primarily targeting Israeli organizations. The geopolitical group is believed to be sponsored by the Iranian government.

Phishing Attackers Take Aim at Bitwarden Password Vaults Using Google Ads

On Tuesday, Bitwarden users began seeing a Google ad titled 'Bitward - Password Manager' in search results for "bitwarden password manager." The domain used in the ad was '' and, when clicked, redirected users to a spoofed login page.

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