Reimagine Security Operations with Cyber Fusion

Cyware overview

Tame the evolving cyber threat landscape with future-ready cyber fusion solutions

Cyber Fusion is a next-generation approach to cybersecurity that unifies all security functions such as threat intelligence, security automation , threat response, security orchestration, incident response, and others into a single connected unit with the capability to coalesce all comprising units for detecting, managing and responding to threats in an integrated and collaborative manner.

A cyber fusion center essentially involves the orchestration of people, processes, and technologies within an organization to boost overall threat intelligence, accelerate incident response speed and reduce incident costs and risks. This is accomplished through the automated and streamlined ingestion, analysis and sharing of strategic, tactical, technical and operational cyber threat intelligence with internal security teams and external sharing community partners in real-time.

The continuously analyzed and updated threat intelligence is automatically fed into all functional units of security operations including deployed security and IT tools and human-based analysis and response teams to foster visibility-driven security operations. Cyware’s cyber fusion strategy converges different goals of disparate security teams to develop a common vision across the organization. The next-gen security approach ensures effective battle rhythm while enhancing collaboration against all threats affecting the enterprise.

Cyware overview

Graduated Deployment for Next-level Security Maturity

Cyware’s cyber fusion solutions are highly scalable and deployed through its suite of enterprise-grade modules. The modules come with a graduated deployment approach to implementing full cyber fusion capability at your organization. The independently deployable modules are integrated through advanced security orchestration layer over a defined timeline to systematically and progressively enhance the security maturity at your organization to the next level. Unlike traditional brick-and-mortar fusion centers, Cyware provides a fusion center-in-the-box deployment, making it easy for organizations to integrate Cyware’s solutions with their pre-existing and deployed security tools.

Cyware overview

The Cyber Fusion Suite

Cyware’s cyber fusion solutions promote intel-driven security operations with abundant automation and human-enabled control. Together, the Cyware suite provides unparalleled, end-to-end threat management and response capabilities for security teams.

Adopting this next-generation approach has proven to be a game-changer for many organizations. Several Fortune 500 organizations, ISACs, CERTs, and MSSPs have gained security preparedness improvements from this approach with its ability to promote visibility, foster collaboration, and instill resilience. Request a free demo now to learn how your organization can benefit from Cyware’s Cyber Fusion solutions

Cyware Technology Integrations

Enhance your security solutions with added capabilities and complex use-cases through seamless technology integrations with Cyware platforms.

Cyware Tool Integration