Cyware Situational
Awareness Platform (


Power of Mobile

Receive and share accurate and actionable cyber alerts on-the-go for faster and better-informed responses to any threat or incident without delay.

Real-time Role/Location/Business Unit based Alerting

Improve relevance, eliminate clutter, and remove noise by delivering real-time mobile, web, and email alerts based on the recipient’s role, location, and business unit.

Human Endpoints and Incident Reporting

Quarantine threats that bypass traditional defensive mechanisms by roping in employee intelligence over mobile and web-based suspicious Incident Reporting.

Remote Action Taking

Equip your analysts with the unique orchestration power to remotely respond to and execute incident containment operations via the mobile app.

Machine-to-Machine Orchestration (M2M) for Threat Intel Collection

Automatically ingest threat intel from a plethora of external sources to get a single pane of glass view by leveraging CSAP ’s unique machine-to-machine orchestration.

External Alert Orchestration

Integrate with external entities including TI Providers, Malware and Vulnerability advisory sources to ingest real-time strategic, situational intel. Leverage the unique orchestration feature to collate alerts from multiple sources while removing noise and clutter at the same time.

Automated Advisories and Alerts

Minimize time and energy costs of Security Teams by receiving Automated Advisories and Alerts from Cyware and other integrated threat libraries. Modernize Intel reception through alert orchestration from multiple sources instead of following obsolete, archaic and time consuming manual intel hunt.

Email Ingestion

SOC and Cyber Intelligence Teams often receive crucial threat intel and incident information in their mailbox which needs to be analyzed and converted into actionable intelligence and shared with other teams to enhance cyber resiliency. Convert Emails into Alerts using a unique Email Ingestion Feature in CSAP.

Automated RSS Feeds

Fetch RSS feeds from reliable sources such as US-CERT and Exploit-DB and automatically convert them into human-readable security updates. Reduce manpower and enhance automated threat intel gathering without having to manually look at multiple sources.

Machine-to-Human Orchestration (M2H) for Threat Intel Dissemination

Streamline and automate the entire process of alert dissemination by leveraging CSAP’s unique Machine-to-Human Orchestration capabilities. Transform the weakest link the security chain into a robust security wall.

Custom Alerts and Notifications

Share real-time situational alerts on incidents, malware, breaches, vulnerabilities, and threat methods based on your organization’s location, business units, via the web, email, and mobile.

Trusted Sharing Communities

Manage third-party risks across the extended enterprise through the exchange of strategic and operational threat intelligence with third-party vendors, as well as with clients, stakeholders, and peers.

Email and Mobile Push Notifications

Seamlessly deliver important information and critical real-time alerts about security threats, without delay, to user email or mobile devices.

Custom Alert Categories

Receive Cyware Alerts based on certain keywords and tags specific to your organization or recipient groups.

Analyst-Centric Platform

Deploy analyst centric platform that acts as a true force multiplier by equipping your analysts with the next AI / ML-based next-gen features.


Force multiply your Threat Intel capabilities by leveraging CSAP’s unique AI/ML- powered vast OSINT threat Intelligence library.

Historical data Reporting

Enhance contemporary threat response by gathering past threat intel information on malware, vulnerabilities, and threat actors, using the historical threat database.

Fang Defang

Neutralize Indicators of Compromise (IoCs), including malicious Domains, IP Addresses, Email IDs, and others, before sharing them with your colleagues.

IOC Parsing

Leverage IOC extraction tool to extract and segregate indicators directly from any text, including Email, in a clean, easy-to-read format for researchers to swiftly parse through.

Crisis Notification and Multiple Delivery Channels

Establish out-of-band seamless crisis communication channels in your organization over multi-pronged last-mile-delivery channels.

Crisis Notification System via Multiple Delivery Channels

Utilize Crisis Notification to ensure that urgent alerts are delivered out-of-band without delay to employees and key players in the event of a crisis via SMS, mobile app, voice call, and email.

Voice Alerting

A persistently ringing phone is harder to ignore than an SMS or Email notification. Ensure last mile delivery of Crisis Communication Alerts through Voice Alerts over smartphones.

Conference Dial-In

Enhance organizational interoperability, internal communications, and response efforts with the ability to dial into a conference line directly from situational awareness alerts, in case of a Crisis.

Secure Communication

We realize that communication plays an indispensable role in the smooth functioning of any organization. Thus, CSAP features inbuilt secure communication which aids in increasing interoperability and collaboration by bridging the communication gap between various teams in the organization.

Secure Messenger

Share real-time situational alerts on incidents, malware, breaches, vulnerabilities, and threat methods based on your organization’s location, business units, via the web, email, and mobile.

Information Classification Protocol

Classify information before securely sharing with the right recipients using TLP or customized information classification scheme.


Ameliorate the pain points of Senior Management including CISOs with features that give them a clear view of the entire threat landscape, quantify ROI while protecting them with exquisite features at the same time.

Enhanced Executive Protection

Empower leadership and senior management with the ability to notify cyber or physical security teams about threats with the one-click personal concierge security support.

Detailed reports and Metrics

Create and view reports based on various metrics and gain in-depth insight into the organization’s security status, based on alert engagement status, and app launch status.

Customizable and Centralized Dashboard

Robust SaaS-based platform that provides greater visibility and allows content customization, full-featured management dashboards, and an integrated view into user actions.

Cyber Resiliency, Training and Compliance

Inculcate Cyber Resiliency through continuous employee training and targeted security learning and management. Leverage training and compliance features of CSAP to strengthen your first line of defense.

Knowledge Base

Make the lives of employees easier by creating a unified knowledge pool of various Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Policies, Emergency Guidelines, Security Protocols, and Handbooks specific to your organization.

Knowledge Check

Track and monitor the security awareness of your employees through daily knowledge quizzes and questions; identify the weakest link in the security chain and promote a robust culture of cyber hygiene.


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