Cyware Daily Threat Intelligence August 27, 2018

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Top Breaches Reported in the Last 24 Hours

T-mobile breach
Cybercriminals breached T-Mobile's servers and are believed to have stolen the personal details of around 2 million customers. Information such as customers’ email addresses, T-Mobile account numbers, phone’s IMSI, billing ZIP codes, and account types (prepaid or postpaid) is believed to have been stolen. 

Sprint breach
Security experts were able to gain access to an internal Sprint staff portal due to the firm's shoddy security. Researchers claim that Sprint uses two sets of easy-to-guess usernames and passwords for access to a company portal. Researchers were able to access a prepaid Sprint employee portal that gave staff access to Sprint customer data. Another set of credentials provided access to a part of the website, which gave them access to a portal for customer account data.

Bank Hacks
Cybercriminals have ‘physically’ withdrawn $11 million from 28 countries including the UK, USA, Russia and the UAE following the hacking of servers of Cosmos Bank. Cloned ATM cards were used to conduct the attacks.

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