Cyware Daily Threat Intelligence September 28, 2017

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Top Malware Reported in the Last 24 Hours
FinFisher malware
There is a new malicious campaign featuring FinFisher underway with new infection enablers: Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Recently FinFisher, the notorious spyware program, was seen across seven countries in the recent campaign. It uses traditional infection methods like spear-phishing, physical access to devices, 0-day exploits, and watering-hole attacks.

Defray hits industries
The Defray ransomware has hit several industries recently. Defray distributors are pursuing healthcare, education, manufacturing, and technology organizations using a tailored social engineering strategy. It employs a targeted approach. The ransomware is hidden in malicious Microsoft Word document attachments, sent via email to prospective victims in the UK and US.

GO Keyboard
The popular GO Keyboard app is alleged to be spying on users according to security researchers. It was found to be leaking personal information about users to remote servers controlled by hackers. Also, it is using a prohibited technique to download dangerous executable code.

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