Login FAQ

Q: How do I create a Cyware account? A: There are 2 ways.

  • With your email: Enter your email address during sign up. You will receive an email from Cyware containing an email verification link and a six digit One Time Password (OTP). You can simply click on the email verification link to complete your account creation process. Alternatively you can also use the 6 digit OTP and enter it in the designated box at the signup page.
  • With Google Sign-in. Make sure you are signed in to your Google account. Then choose to sign up for Cyware with Google. Google Sign-in is just for authentication. We don’t import any connections from Google. We’ll never post anything to a Google service without your permission.

Q: Will you ever post to Google without my permission? A: No, never.

Q: If I’ve already created a Cyware account by signing up with email or Google, what will happen if I try to sign in with another? A: If your email addresses are different on those networks, this will create a new Cyware account that won’t be linked to your previous account. That’s bad.

Q: If I’ve already created a Cyware account by signing up with email, what will happen if I login using my Google account that has the same email address that I used to create my Cyware account? A: If you login to Cyware using Google Sign which has the same email address with which you had previously created an account on Cyware through email process, then you will be logged into the same account. Also, if you create an account with Google and at a later date you choose to sign in to Cyware using the same email address as that of Google account then also you will get logged into the same account.

Q: I already created an account on iOS or Android app. Can I use the same account to login to the website? And vice-versa? A: Yes, you can use the same account for login to the website. Also if you have created an account on the website, the same account can be used to login to the iOS or Android app.

Q: Is the information between my accounts on the iOS or Android app and website synced in real-time? If I comment on an article on the app, would it appear on the website? A: Yes, the information between your accounts on the iOS or Android app and website are synced in real time. As soon as you make any changes in your profile details they get reflected in real time in both the App and website.

Q: What is your privacy policy? A: Cyware has utmost regard and respect for your privacy. It is our policy to not divulge the personal and sensitive user information to any third-party without user's consent. Click here for detailed privacy policy.

Q: How do I update my newsletter subscription? A: First you need to login to your Cyware account on the website. Then go to Newsletter section. Click here to directly to the Newsletter section. The Newsletter page will show the list of all newsletters available. Those which you have already subscribed to will be checked and remaining will be unchecked. Simply Check or Uncheck the box adjacent to each newsletter to update the status and Click Submit.

Q: I have more questions. How do I contact you? A: Team Cyware welcomes queries form it's users. For more queries and assistance you can reach us through Feedback function in the App menu and Contact Us page in the website. Incase of any other assistance you can email us at contact@cyware.com.