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3 mistakes you should avoid when shifting to Cloud computing

3 mistakes you should avoid when shifting to Cloud computing

Ever since Cloud computing has come into the play, the life of the businesses has become easier. Everyday more and more businesses are adopting cloud computing because it is simple, convenient and less expensive. However, people tend to commit mistakes when they shift to cloud. This article talks about 3 mistakes you should avoid when shifting to Cloud.

1. Selecting the wrong service provider

Well, who would want to do that? But most of the people do not inquire much before subscribing to a cloud service. It is advisable to go through thorough reviews of all the options that you have. Uploading your data on cloud is like putting your money in the locker vault of a bank. So, if you go would go through the bank credibility reviews, then you should perform same for the cloud hosting service providers before choosing one. The problem lies in the fact that many cloud hosting service providers don’t backup data. Also, there are fly-by-night service providers that offer services for cheap but run away with your money the very next day. Before you finalize your Cloud hosting service provider, read about the history of the service provider, feedback of past customers, ask for how many backups of your data will be maintained and ask if your data will be encrypted on Cloud.

2. Bandwidth Mismatch

People often face speed problems with their Cloud. There applications start running slow and this ends up frustrating the users who ultimately then decide to move a part of data out of cloud back on their hard drives. The problem does not lie with the Cloud but the fact that most people under-estimate the bandwidth they would require to sustain their operations. This results in not buying enough bandwidth and subsequently applications run slow. If you are facing speed issues you should take a stock of the bandwidth you need and adequately increase it. Since Cloud storage is less expensive, there should be a monetary issue.

3. Under-utilizing the Cloud

It has been found that many people do not fully utilize their cloud servers. Firstly, they do not shift all their data on cloud due to security apprehensions. While these apprehensions may be justified to some extent but if the service provider is credible then one can proceed to upload their data. Therefore, the first point mentions to conduct a thorough review of the service provider. Secondly, people become apprehensive while sharing the files with their peers. You can give requisite powers of read/write to the person with whom you are sharing it. Thirdly, people tend to download and upload files while moving from home to office. Cloud storage can be accessed from any place that has got the internet. You need not take the pain of frequently uploading and downloading.

Avoid these 3 frequent mistakes and thereby make efficient use of Cloud hosting. This would definitely help increase the smoothness, and efficiency of your business and add value to it.

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