Well, a large number of hacks happen because of the stupid mistakes that we commit. For any hack to succeed half of the role has to be played by the target the victim who by one wrong click ensures the success of the hacker. While there are many sophisticated techniques of hacking like Spear Phishing, and Data Integrity Attacks that are very difficult for the user to identify and not fall victim to; but the larger number of hacks are dependent on simple mistakes by the user.

This article simply lists out the 9 Dumb Ways to Get Hacked:

  1. Ignoring the Security Updates: Yes, the same security updates that end up being postponed or ignored after they pop up on the bottom right corner of your computer screen. Take some time out of your busy schedule and regularly install them.
  2. Turning Off 2-factor authentication: Frailty, thy name is laziness; this quote aptly describes the people who turn off 2 factor authentication just because it takes them 5 seconds more. They consider turning it off as a better trade off until they get hacked.
  3. Using the same password for all accounts: There is an old adage “Don’t put your all eggs in one basket”. If a hacker gets hold of the credentials for one account, he can simply do little search for the other accounts and easily access them. You need not remember tens of passwords or jot them down on a piece of paper that you will hide somewhere. Just use a password manager and chill out.
  4. Ignoring the cyber security news: Do not carry this kind of mindset “Yeah, someone in the neighborhood got hacked? So What! I am unhackable”. Go change your Yahoo password first of all because 500 million accounts have been hacked. Also change all your passwords. Keep an eye on what’s trending in cyberspace. Some people give surprising reactions when you tell them that LinkedIn got hacked some months back. Do not be like them.
  5. Clicking that fake Download button: It takes special skill to identify the real download button on web pages from where you download free music and movies. Yeah, go to the page and you will find ten different download buttons knowing not what to click. You click one and it downloads something on your PC. You check the file “Oh, this is no the music/movie”, You ignore it and move on. Beware of such fake downloads, do not click on them else you will self install a Trojan on your computer.
  6. Clicking those too good to be true offers: Do not click on the attachments in those frivolous schemes and offers that arrive in your inbox. Do not click on those fake jackpot winner email attachments also. They are loaded with malware. The email is written in a way that makes you want to click the attachment. Once you click it, a malware is downloaded in your system.
  7. You don’t log out of your account in public computers: This is an invitation to hack. Requires no more words and it should easily take the crown of being the dumbest way to get hacked.
  8. Downloading Apps (from third-party sources) that are not yet launched in your Country:When Pokemon Go was launched, the entire world went crazy some in sheer joy of playing the game and some with frustration of getting hacked because of their own mistake. Yeah, wait for the official version of Apps. The hackers released malicious apps in regions where Pokemon Go was not launched. They lured fans to install these apps and get hacked. As simple as that.
  9. Downloading a cracked version of Antivirus: This is one of the most dumbest way to get hacked. I agree that you have run out of the free trial period and don’t want to spend cash but what’s the point of using a cracked version of Antivirus when there is a huge possibility that it will have loopholes?
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