Security researchers have compiled a list of vulnerabilities that are much often abused by ransomware groups and their partners. Most of the flaws have already been exploited and abused by various ransomware groups in previous and active attacks.

Flaws in the listing

This idea was spurred after a call to action was made by a member of Recorded Future's CSIRT on Twitter. Soon, several other contributors joined in and helped in compiling the list.

The compiled list of flaws provides security teams with an initial idea of which flaws are being exploited to gain access and effective measures to safeguard the infrastructure can be taken.

Protecting against threats


The idea of compiling a list of widely-exploited vulnerabilities is indeed a great one and it will help organizations build strategies for preventing ransomware attacks. While this can help in the prevention of threats related to yet-unpatched flaws, do adhere to intel shared by national cybersecurity authorities for further defensive measures.

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