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As the Pandemic Tails off, Attacks on Healthcare Institutions Remain Unchanged

As the Pandemic Tails off, Attacks on Healthcare Institutions Remain Unchanged
A majority of businesses and organizations are in better shape today than they were a few months ago. However, the healthcare sector continues to expose major cracks. For instance, IBM’s X-Force Threat Intelligence Index 2021 found that cyber crimes against the healthcare sector doubled during the pandemic.

From the report

  • Attacks against coronavirus research and treatment-related organizations witnessed double the usual rate of attacks in 2020.
  • Targeted entities include hospitals, medical companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and energy firms involved in the COVID-19 supply chain.
  • Experts opine actors behind these attempts knew that healthcare organizations and firms involved in COVID-19 supply chain operations cannot afford any downtime. 
  • It increased the chances of victims paying up ransoms quickly.

Medical organizations facing threats

  • Michigan-based Covenant HealthCare exposed the personal and sensitive health information of approximately 45,000 people.
  • Experts reported flaws in the PACS system of Sutter Buttes Imaging Medical Group. The personal and medical data of about 100,000 patients are suspected to have suffered a breach.
  • The French Ministry of Social Affairs and Health warned hospitals and other healthcare entities of cyberattacks after it found the credentials of 50,000 users on the dark web.
  • Further, the healthcare department of one of the biggest states of India exposed over eight million COVID-19 test results and other personal information of patients in security negligence.


The pandemic is still an ongoing saga. Several international and national regulatory bodies have stressed the urgent need for improved protection against cyberattacks. Healthcare organizations must heed the gaps in their cyber readiness to keep supporting novel treatments and saving human lives.

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