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Aspen Report Calls for Cyber Resilient Digital Infrastructure

Aspen Report Calls for Cyber Resilient Digital Infrastructure
Organizations constantly underestimate the effects of cyberattacks, the weaponization of technology and using it for malicious purposes. Threat actors are targeting intellectual property, disrupting healthcare services, and targeting any sector that provides them with information and money. With a massive number of people working from home, the effort to secure the internet and other aspects of digital life is scanty. 

Need for the report

Although the report is not a structure for national cybersecurity strategy, it, however, aims to be a part of it. The strategic framework provided in the report establishes proper roles for both the public and private sectors to strengthen the cybersecurity front. 

What does the report say?

The agenda created by the Aspen Group aims to help federal lawmakers in prioritizing, strategizing, and implementing actionable cybersecurity initiatives. The report wishes to draw the attention of policymakers to attain the following goals:
  • Providing advantage to the defenders at the largest scale and least cost.
  • Establishing technical and organizational foundations for the facilitation of quick progress.
  • Taking initiatives that are relevant to security thought leaders, industry stakeholders, and researchers.

Action steps

The report has covered five areas that are in urgent need of prioritization. These include education and workforce development, public core resilience, supply chain security, measuring cybersecurity, and promoting operational collaboration. 
  • Education and workforce development necessitates the granting of greater funds, improving the recruitment process for the cybersecurity workforce, and providing equitable access to broadband internet services for every community, among others. 
  • Supply chain security is in need of security transparency and promotion of financial support for open-source software.
  • Cybersecurity should be accurately measured for which every law enforcement agency is required to report cybercrime incidents. 

The bottom line

Despite hundreds of studies and attacks, there is a lot that the cybersecurity community needs to do to amp up its game. The report states the importance of cybersecurity funding and improving current defense conditions to gain leverage over attackers.
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