BeatStars website defaced after hacker gained unauthorized access to its servers

  • No user content or financial data was compromised by the hack.
  • In the wake of the attack, the site has been taken offline temporarily.

The online music platform, BeatStars has disclosed a security breach that resulted in defacement of the site. The intruders gained unauthorized access to the firm’s servers, following which the site has been taken offline temporarily.

In a live stream video on Twitter, Abe Batshon, BeatStars CEO said, "Last night we've seen very unusual behavior with someone trying to enter into our servers, trying to access the database, trying to run a code."

"This was very alarming to us, and I commend our engineering team for literally working for the past 24 hours trying to find what was really happening," Batshon added, ZDNet reported.

Batshon said that the firm has notified law enforcement agencies about the incident. The investigation into the attack is still ongoing. Although the BeatStars website was defaced by the hackers, no financial data or user content was compromised.

"Right now we're very confident what was the motive of this attack. The attacker was trying to mass delete and mass alter the content and the database, which we were able to prevent," said Batshon, ZDNet reported.

The identity of the hacker(s) still remains unknown. However, Bashton reportedly said that the firm has a “hunch” about who it might have been.