• A new phishing email scam is making the rounds, targeting the personal information of users.
  • The information gained by the scammers can be used to perform identity theft attacks and steal financial data.

A new BMW lottery scam campaign has been making the rounds. The scam email campaign tricks users into believing that they have won a brand new BMW car and $1,500,000.

The scammers designed the emails to request users for their personal information. The emails claim that in order to claim the prize, users need to send their personal details such as full names, addresses, and contact numbers.

Contents of the email

The subject line of the spam emails contain the words: “Claim Your Car And Check With Your Winning Code”.

“Your email has been selected for a prize of a brand new 2018 BMW 2 series M24oi xDrive and a cheque of $1,500,000 USD from the international balloting programs held in the USA but the winnings is for everybody contacted as a winner in any part of the world. Contact the claims agent with code BMW:2541256004/25 and your delivery details (full name, delivery address, mobile number) to claim your prize,” the email message reads, BleepingComputer reported.

If recipients reply to this suspicious email with their personal details, there are chances that the scammers might ask for more details such as social security numbers, financial information, and more. The information gained by the scammers can then be used to perform identity theft attacks and steal financial data.

How to stay safe from email scams?

  • Users are advised not to open or reply to any suspicious emails from unknown senders.
  • Never respond to any emails from unknown or suspicious senders that ask for personal information.
  • It is best to delete such emails from your inbox and report them to the authorities.
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