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Cloud Configuration Mishaps Might Rain on Your Parade

Cloud Configuration Mishaps Might Rain on Your Parade
Clouds in the sky should drift, but your cloud configuration should not. Organizations have taken to automating their cloud infrastructure. However, the state of security of most cloud resources later drifts to undocumented changes, mostly remaining unidentified.

What is happening

According to a study by Accurics, 90% of cloud configuration cases were found to be modified by privileged users. Although most changes are legit, others are the consequence of malicious activities. One of the primary causes of data breaches includes insecure cloud configurations. When these flaws are unaddressed and undetected, they make an easy entryway for threat actors.

The most ghastly errors are

  • While managing infrastructure through code, some grievous mistakes are made.
  • High severity risks are the result of exposed cloud storage vulnerabilities, open security groups, and overly permissive IAM roles. 
  • However, these risks are avoidable if users follow governance and compliance frameworks.

Worth noting

  • Privileged users make changes to the infrastructure without updating the code that was written to provision it.
  • The cloud posture drifts from the secure baseline through the code.

Best practices

  • Protect cloud-native infrastructure.
  • Remove risk posture drift.

In essence

Incorporating security in the DevOps lifecycle diminishes the attack surface. Organizations should ensure that infrastructure as code is secured and risks are resolved before provisioning of cloud infrastructure.
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