Cyber Security has become a household name in the last couple of years. You don’t have to be a ‘Cyber Security Expert’ to understand the importance of cybersecurity, because not only big corporations, but anyone who uses the Internet can fall victim of cyber attacks. And when the Internet of Things (IoT) steps in, it’s going to change the threat landscape by interconnecting more things than we have today. The influence of cyber-world over humanity is not only going to increase, but also going to play a critical part in your life. We are about to witness an era where cyber security is going to be a basic requirement for everyone rather than the responsibility of a specialist.

“As the world is increasingly interconnected, everyone shares the responsibility of securing cyberspace”

Cyber security has gained a huge number of audiences in the recent past years. Especially, since we began to see news headlines about the ‘data breaches’ and ‘ransomware’. And with the existence of bitcoin, cyber criminals have found a new way of receiving money from their victims without leaving any traces. Earlier, cyber crimes were committed by small-groups or individuals. Today, most of the cyber attacks are organized. They work in groups and are well networked, which makes them capable of reaching anywhere in the cyber landscape. More criminal organizations are moving into the path of cyber-crimes-as-a-business approach to increase their profit in the shortest time. And you can expect them everywhere.

The ‘Digital Revolution’ has exposed our workplaces and homes to several new threats that didn’t exist before. And the rate of cybercrimes is increasing day-by-day. The only way we can tackle cyber threats is by implementing an effective ‘cyber security culture’ in our home and office. Cyber security culture is a ‘mind-set’ that helps an individual in acting wisely in the cyberspace. It’s becoming more of art than science that helps internet users in defending their cyber-territory (personal bank accounts, credit cards, personal information, social media accounts, etc.) from attackers.

“Cyber Security is a collective effort”

Cyber Security is a collective effort. One weak element is enough for cybercriminals to grab your credentials and make your life miserable for ever. Anyone who uses internet is vulnerable of cyber attacks. Cybersecurity awareness is the first step towards online safety. It is a continuous process of learning new tactics and weapons used by the cybercriminals and scammers. So, educate yourself and prepare yourself to face the hustles awaits you.

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