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Endgame & Spire Introduces Endpoint Protection & Threat Hunting to Middle East

Endgame & Spire Introduces Endpoint Protection & Threat Hunting to Middle East

Spire to leverage Endgame's automated threat hunting technology to close protection gap against advanced attackers.

ARLINGTON, Virginia and DUBAI, UAE - PRNewswire - Endgame, a leading endpoint security platform to close the protection gap against advanced attackers, today announced that Spire Solutions, the leader in information security solutions for the Middle East, will utilize Endgame's endpoint protection platform to stop nation state level attackers in time to prevent damage and loss. Endgame will be available to Spire's broad client base in the Middle East, which includes 700 clients across 15 countries.

This partnership leverages Endgame's recently-announced platform enhancements that provide continuous prevention and detection of zero days, malwareless attacks, and ransomware in time to stop information theft. Endgame's endpoint security platform combines full stack prevention, detection, and threat hunting in a single dissolvable sensor to eliminate new and already-entrenched adversaries without prior threat intelligence.

Core to the partnership are Spire's seasoned security analysts whose unparalleled expertise and customer service make them the security provider of choice for enterprises across the Middle East. Spire's purpose-built services offer clients the best possible solutions, consultation, support, and training designed to help security teams streamline operations and stop attackers faster than ever before.

"Advanced attackers are waging war on the endpoint, and security teams now know that existing defensive technologies are not enough to prevent sophisticated attacks," said Nate Fick, CEO at Endgame. "Our partnership with Spire will allow enterprises across the Middle East to access the technology necessary to disrupt the attack lifecycle prior to data theft or damage."

"We're thrilled to partner with Endgame to help enterprises across the Middle East take a more proactive approach and actively hunt for advanced threats, rather than waiting for known threat intelligence," said Sanjeev Walia, CEO of Spire Solutions. "Delivering one service that combines the power of Spire's analysts with Endgame's best-in-class EDR platform will help security teams close protection gap and stop advanced attacks at the earliest possible moment."

About Spire Solutions

Spire Solutions is the region's leading distributor of Information Security Solutions and Services with exclusive distribution agreement with the world's best known security vendors. The key to Spire's success is in bringing niche solutions to the market that do not create one problem while solving others. The company works with a selective range of technology partners, while leveraging its channel partnerships to help organizations build and maintain a secure, compliant, and more confident operation. For more information, visit http://www.spiresolutions.com/

About Endgame

Endgame is a leading endpoint security platform that transforms security operations teams and incident responders from crime scene investigators into hunters that prevent damage and loss, and dramatically reduces the time and cost associated with incident response and compromise assessment. Endgame's platform uses machine learning and data science to prevent and detect unique attacks at the earliest and every stage of the attack lifecycle. Endgame's integrated response stops attacks without disrupting normal business operations. For more information, visit http://www.endgame.com

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