Key highlights

  • The FBI received 791,790 cybercrime complaints in 2020—300,000 more than 2019— resulting in a loss of over $4.2 billion.
  • The top three crimes in 2020 include phishing scams, non-payment/non-delivery scams, and extortion.
  • The spike in scams has been partly attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic, with IC3 receiving 28,500 complaints related to COVID-19 last year.

Besides attack-related stats, the report outlines information about the top threats and online scams affecting the public and offers guidance for prevention and protection from the same.

The report concludes with the agency reminding the public to immediately report suspected criminal internet activity to the IC3 on their website. This enables victims to take a warrior stance by not only alerting law enforcement about malicious activities but also supporting the government in the overall fight against cybercrime.

The 2020 Internet Crime Report explains IC3’s mission and functions that revolve around providing the public with a reliable and convenient mechanism to report suspected internet crimes to the FBI.

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