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Fifa got hacked for the second time in a year, data feared stolen

Fifa got hacked for the second time in a year, data feared stolen
  • The second attack on FIFA occurred in March and may have led to hackers stealing data.
  • The scale of the attack is still unclear.

Fifa recently announced that it suffered a data breach in March this year. Although the scale of the attack is still unclear, the organization fears that the cybercriminals behind the attack may have stolen some data. The Union of European Football Association (UEFA) also suspects that it may have been hit by hackers as well.

Fifa was hacked in 2017 as well and the breach was attributed to a Russia-backed hacker group called Fancy Bear. The same group is also believed to be responsible for orchestrating the attack against the US Democratic National Convention (DNC) during the 2016 US presidential election.

“FIFA condemns any attempts to compromise the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data in any organization using unlawful practices,” FIFA said, the New York Times reported.

"Following a hack in March 2018, Fifa took a number of measures to improve IT security, in order to protect employees. It's an ongoing issue, which Fifa has to face just like countless organizations around the world who are all dealing with data security challenges,” FIFA said, the BBC reported.

Meanwhile, the UEFA reportedly said that it was targeted by a phishing attack that tricked users into divulging their credentials. However, the organization has been unable to find any traces of a hack in its computer systems.

The Times reported that a consortium of European media organizations intends to publish a series of stories about FIFA and the hack, based on internal documents. These documents were first obtained by the group Football Leaks, which made headlines

A few years ago for revealing little-known secrets of the football world.

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