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Five Worst Password Management Culprits That Jeopardize Your Organization

Five Worst Password Management Culprits That Jeopardize Your Organization

Possibly, at some point, we all have set passwords that were easy pickings--without the use of any special characters--for cybercriminals. Also, commonly, you would have reused passwords for different online accounts--all in the name of bad memory. However, the realization often comes later--followed usually by a fateful incident.

Well, here’s a reminder to set your passwords right. Correct your past mistakes to avoid any unpleasant incidents. Don’t choose a password because it’s “easy to remember”. Always use a combination of numbers, alphabets, and special characters for a strong, unbreakable password. All said, you should also know who are the worst password management culprits that could endanger the data of your organization.

In today’s corporate world, users with weak passwords create an unwarranted security loophole in the whole organizational network. We’ve encountered these folks in our daily lives, but you probably never realized what a security threat they really are. You might even find that you’re guilty of some of these indiscretions.

The BYOD user

Nowadays, companies encourage their employees to bring their own devices to the office to execute work-associated tasks. If employees’ devices aren’t properly adapted to the IT security policies of the enterprise, it could lead to a disaster that you’d been wishing never occurs.

Off-road traveler

A lot of employees tend to use enterprise network for visiting websites not related to work. Usage of social media and other content-based sites at work is a common sight. But, an infectious link clicked by an unwary employee could bring down the entire network. Thus, it is essential that security policies put a leash on such browsers.

The secret shopper

You could regularly spot employees who login to eCommerce sites and browse products. The problem arises when they use the same password to login to their enterprise email or website, placing the company at incredible risk. It is essential to regularly remind employees to follow cyber hygiene.

The old-schooler

It is a pain for most of the users to remember multiple, complex passwords. So, we have a few who prefer to write them down on a piece of paper or post it note. However, you never know who passes by their desks, thereby, putting your information at immense risk. Such users should consider using a password manager that’ll remember all your passwords.

The always-on user

This user never shuts down the system or logs out of any online accounts. Huge security vulnerabilities could be caused due to their behavior, especially, when their device is misplaced or stolen.

Should you see any of these five kinds of password management culprits, tell them it’s not cool anymore. See to it that they mend their ways, else the culprits would put the organization and its information at a great risk.

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