A new report released by Korea Internet & Security Agency says that 155 of 694 reported common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVE) were found in Google devices. In total, the Google Inc’s products have been found to have 22% of the total risks discovered in the third quarter. This puts Google products at top of the devices with internet security vulnerabilities.

The report has included only high severity risks that have been rated 7 or above in the Common Vulnerability Scoring System. In 3rd quarter the Google devices witnessed a rise in vulnerabilities by 66% on quarter. The maximum contribution to the increase in vulnerabilities came from the chipsets that equip Android-based products. Out of the total 155 vulnerabilities found in Google devices, 87 of them were associated the chipsets.

The other products that made it to the list were Adobe (15%), Oracle (10%), Microsoft (10%), and Apple (8%). The report also mentioned that 36 Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures with a score of 9 or above were found. Out of the total 36, 20 were found in Microsoft Office Products.

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