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How Should you Cultivate a Security Culture in Your Organization?

How Should you Cultivate a Security Culture in Your Organization?

Why is there an imminent need to nourish a security culture in organizations? Partially, because the modern businesses heavily rely on data. And the loss or misuse of that data or information could write an epitaph of that enterprise. Therefore, businesses can’t afford to be careless about the information. According to a study, every 40 seconds a small business becomes victim to a ransomware attack. This billion-dollar industry is growing exponentially with a yearly growth rate of about 350%. Shockingly, the crime industry is only going to grow at a higher rate--the estimates put the industry to be worth 6$ trillion dollars, annually, in the coming years.

What’s significant in all the cyber security breaches is that they occur and thrive on human error. So, with the proper behavioral changes, organizations can greatly minimize their chances of suffering a devastating blow. How do you do such a thing? Well, you can begin by cultivating a culture of cybersecurity. But what does that look like? And how can businesses make sure their culture stands up to the latest and greatest threats?

Let’s take a closer look at what it means to have a culture of cybersecurity in your enterprise.

Risk tolerance

You can’t cultivate and nurture a cybersecurity culture without identifying the risk tolerance of your organization when it comes to security. There is a need to assess and set a tolerance level of security needed to protect your assets and the ways to securing them. Based on the answers to these questions, you will frame your cybersecurity policies within your organization.

Keep it tangible

Although it is very much true that cyber-warfare isn’t tangible, an environment that’s secure and reinforces you to follow the security protocols. Any organization that is organized with security parameters operating in physical locations in every department will visually remind your employees to follow the security protocols.

Awareness education

The best defense you have at your enterprise is your employee. Likewise, she/he is also the biggest vulnerability of your organization. So, the need to effectively educate, train and test them cannot be overstated. Although different jobs need different kinds of cybersecurity training, generic awareness on strong password policy, email and cloud security standards, safe internet browsing, proper social media behavior, and mobile security devices should be imparted to all of your employees.

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