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​How to check if your Android phone is infected with Gooligan?

​How to check if your Android phone is infected with Gooligan?

Israel based cyber security firm Checkpoint has unearthed a malware named as Gooligan that has been targeting the older versions of Android operating systems. The malware is targeting an astonishing figure of around 13,000 Android devices every day. As per the reports it has put the private details of more than 1 million Google accounts at risk.

Checkpoint has created an online tool where people can check if their smartphone has been infected with Gooligan or not. All you need to do is to enter your email address in the Gooligan Checker tool and it will tell you if your device is infected. Make sure you enter the email address using which you have created an account in your device.

The Gooligan malware spreads through pre-infected third-party apps and phishing links. The malware targets Android Jelly Bean, KitKat and Lollipop versions of Android which make up to 75% of the Android users. Gooligan allows the attackers to steal sensitive information from Google apps like Gmail, Drive, and Photos. As per Check Point, most of the infected devices are in Asia followed by Americas, then Africa and lastly Europe.

If your device is found to be infected, you should immediately change the passwords of all accounts associated with the device. However, the device can be quarantined by only reflashing it with a clean installation of Android.

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