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Imperva Protects CNUSD in Inland Southern California from Website attacks

Imperva Protects CNUSD in Inland Southern California from Website attacks

Corona-Norco Unified School District deploys Imperva Incapsula for improved website security with DDoS protection and Web Application Firewall.

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Imperva, Inc. (NASDAQ:IMPV), committed to protecting business-critical data and applications in the cloud and on-premises, today announced that the Corona-Norco Unified School District (CNUSD) is using the Imperva Incapsula service to protect its 20 websites. CNUSD deployed the Incapsula service with DDoS protection and Web Application Firewall (WAF) to protect against crippling DDoS attacks and other malicious web application attacks.

“In March 2016, we noticed some actors attempting to disrupt the service and availability of our public webservers and our parent-accessible grading web servers. Based on the disruptive nature of the attack and a review of the district’s content filtering logs, which revealed access from within the network to vBooter, Rage Booter and other DDoS-for-hire services, we believe the attack was student related,” said Brian Troudy, director of network and infrastructure at CNUSD. “These services are so easily accessible, that all it takes is $7 on a credit card to render the district’s internet connection useless.”

Founded in 1888, CNUSD encompasses 53,000 students and faculty in 51 K-12 schools and is among the top 100 school districts nationwide. As a leader in transformative education technology, CNUSD depends on online resources to support its curriculum. Any server downtime is detrimental, so in addition to the on-premises, next-generation firewalls and cloud-hosted security solutions, CNUSD realized it needed to protect its online infrastructure and assets.

Commenting on the choice of ImpervaIncapsula, Troudy stated, “CNUSD’s foremost goal is to provide the best instruction possible in a safe and secure learning environment, and Imperva enables us to reach this goal. Onboarding was ultra-simple, and our websites were protected within two days. Plus, we easily configured and tuned Incapsula to meet our needs and have benefited from the tremendous amount of reporting visibility.”

ImpervaIncapsula is an ideal solution for education institutions like CNUSD that require a reliable, scalable and secure website to meet the demands of their online learning platforms,” said Tim Matthews, vice president of marketing for Imperva. “Using Incapsula, organizations of any size can protect their infrastructure with enterprise-grade web application security, DDoS mitigation, performance optimization and load balancing.”

For more information on ImpervaIncapsula, including CDN, DDoS protection and Web Application Firewall, visit www.Incapsula.com, or read the CNUSD case study at http://bit.ly/2orZ5Jx.

About Imperva

Imperva® (NASDAQ: IMPV) is a leading provider of cyber security solutions that protect business-critical data and applications. The company’s SecureSphere, CounterBreach and Incapsula product lines enable organizations to discover assets and risks, protect information wherever it lives – in the cloud and on-premises – and comply with regulations. The Imperva Defense Center, a research team comprised of some of the world’s leading experts in data and application security, continually enhances Imperva products with up-to-the-minute threat intelligence, and publishes reports that provide insight and guidance on the latest threats and how to mitigate them. Imperva is headquartered in Redwood Shores, California. Learn more: www.imperva.com,


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