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Maze Rains Havoc With its Non-stop Attacks, Rocks Thailand Lately

Maze Rains Havoc With its Non-stop Attacks, Rocks Thailand Lately
Maze ransomware has been actively targeting its victims from across a variety of industries and geographical regions. Hitting victims with a combination of ransomware attack and data breach, Maze ransomware has been recently observed targeting big Thailand-based companies.

Thai companies: the new target

During 2017-2018, Thailand had the highest amount of users attacked with ransomware attacks with 9.57% of users encountering malware. Will history repeat itself?
  • In July 2020, malicious attackers targeted Thai Beverage Public Company using Maze ransomware and advertised the attack on their data leak website on the dark web. Hackers have not made the stolen data public yet so it appears that the company is yet to accept or reject the ransom demand held out by the gang.
  • In late-June 2020, attackers had used Maze ransomware to attack Thailand's Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA). Hackers had released three zipped files of stolen data (1.84GB, 4.4GB, and 2.26GB) on the dark web.

A long, long list of U.S. targets

After targeting Xerox Corporation last month, Maze has exclusively added a long list of USA clients to its data leak site.

Maze victims in other countries

Maze also added many other names to its list of targeted victims from across several countries and several sectors:

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