If you got secrets, you gotta know how to hide them well. Especially corporate secrets. As per a recent survey, a large number of enterprises end up losing infrastructure secrets, such as codes, private keys, and credentials, due to improper management.

Some stats your way

The survey was conducted by 1Password on 500 IT and DevOps personnel in the U.S. The report analyzes how organizations manage corporate secrets and sensitive information.
  • One in four companies has secrets stored in 10 or more different locations. What’s worse is that 50% of DevOps or IT workers have stated that they have no idea about the different locations in which sensitive information can be found as they have lost count.
  • On average, the IT and DevOps personnel spend 25 minutes every day managing confidential information. This drain in time caused a loss of $8.5 billion last year.
  • Among the surveyed, 64% admitted that they reused corporate secrets between projects, while 36% are willing to share secrets over insecure channels for better speed and productivity.

Why does it matter?

  • Organizations that suffered breaches ended up incurring losses of $1.2 million on average.
  • Robust security requires more than just state-of-the-art technology. Unless employees start following cybersecurity hygiene, an organization can never be secure.

The bottom line

It is necessary to comprehend the importance of keeping corporate secrets safe and secure. It is not just the responsibility of an organization, but also of its employees to follow basic cyber hygiene. Employees should be trained on a regular basis. As the threat landscape is constantly evolving, the security culture needs to evolve too.

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