Cyber defenders already have a lot on their plates and criminals like to keep them on their toes. The next thing to worry about is the leaking of source codes.

The scoop

Egregor struck again; this time, the victims include upcoming gaming release - Watch Dogs: Legion. The gang claims to have lifted both the source code and proprietary files from Ubisoft.

What does this imply?

The release of the source code would permit individuals to develop game hacks and perform modding. This would lead to damage to the integrity of the system.

What else?

  • Albion, a fantasy-themed sandbox game, has been hacked, resulting in a data breach. The data include user profiles, email addresses, and passwords.
  • Source code for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 were leaked online. Apart from this, a few days back, 43GB of Microsoft source code was released on 4chan.
  • Intel, allegedly, underwent a breach where 20GB of classified and confidential documents were uploaded to a public file-sharing service.

The bottom line

With leaked source codes, there arises threat potential. Hackers can trawl through leaked code to find weaknesses and exploit those in future attacks. Hence, organizations are recommended to follow cybersecurity best practices to avoid such threats.

Cyware Publisher