Cybercriminals have been continuously enhancing their Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) techniques in an attempt to stay ahead of the mitigation techniques. One such evolved attempt of DDoS attack was recently faced by a financial organization in Europe.

DDoS attack setting new records

On June 21, 2020, Akamai identified and mitigated a huge DDoS attack, which is said to be the largest ever recorded on the Akamai platform.
  • In this attack, a bank in Europe was hit with a massive DDoS attack, which could be considered as the largest packets per second (PPS)-based attack till date.
  • The attack generated traffic of 809 million packets per second (Mpps), with each packet carrying 1-byte of payload. 
  • A vast majority of attack traffic was coming from new IP addresses, that were not recorded before, indicating that an entirely new botnet was behind this attack.
  • The attack grew from normal levels to 418 Gbps in just a few seconds, and then to its peak size 809 Mpps in around 2 minutes. The attack lasted for around 10 minutes.

Other recent attacks 

Akamai has been witnessing massive recording-breaking DDoS attacks since the past some time.
  • In the first week of June, Akamai reported yet another massive DDoS attack of 385 Mpps and 1.44 Tbps traffic size, which lasted for around 2 hours. This was the largest attack seen on the Akamai Prolexic platform till that day.
  • Akami had also disclosed that on May 2, 2020, it had blocked another DDoS attack against one of its customers in the financial service domain, which had hit 130 Mpps in 1 minute and then 312 Mpps in 2 minutes. The attack lasted for 10 minutes.

Safety tips

Proactive mitigation of DDoS attacks may include making investments in on-site DDoS mitigation solutions that sit in your premises and keep filtering the traffic, or you may consider hiring any third-party DDoS mitigation service provider to host your critical applications.

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