CryptBB, an exclusive hacking forum, has become more inclusive by inviting aspiring threat actors.

The scoop

The cybercriminal forum, for several years, was exclusive to only the most skilled applicants. However, the site finally introduced a platform for the failed applicants where the latter could apparently learn and seek guidance from the expert hackers. Moreover, last month, the owners of CryptBB reached out to the dark web to recruit new hackers. 

Why the change in rules?

It is assumed by researchers that the point in forming a new platform is to preserve and improve the methods and strategies, used by the group, with advancements in knowledge and technology. Other motives behind this move may involve:
  • Contributing back to the cybercriminal community
  • Exposing the forum to a much larger audience

What exactly is CryptBB?

  • It is an English-language dark web cybercriminal platform and has been active on Tor since 2017.
  • It used to accept only highly competent hackers, programmers, and carders. 
  • The admin team for the forum has advertised some dedicated services provided that are only provided by the forum and its members. These include hackers for hire services, RDP sales, and bug-reporting and penetration testing services.

Final words

The bottom line is that hacking forums like CryptBB are growing with the evolution of cyberspace. With more engagement and recruitment, it may become a regular name in the field of cybercrime.

Cyware Publisher