Hackers have found out the elixir of life on Twitter. Well, this is true! Twitter exploits which can help resurrect banned accounts have been unearthed by hackers and literally the twitter is witnessing the Rise of the Dead. As per a report in Business Insider, a hackers group by the name Spain Squad has reactivated few accounts which have been suspended in the past. These accounts include @Nazi, @Hitler, @Hell, @AK47, and @1337.

The confirmation of reactivation came from an account with the handle @Ziter. As per @Ziter, Spain Squad was offering few accounts for sale such as @botnet, @darknet, @bypass and including those of banned hacker groups like @LizardSquad.

As soon as some of these accounts were resurrected, Twitter responded by suspending them again. According to the Twitter policy, the suspension of accounts takes place if they have violated Twitter’s rules of engagement, threatened other people, are spamming and spreading malicious content. However, one can file an appeal and if Twitter management considers it, there are bright chances for account reactivation. But all this happens as per nod of Twitter. What we have witnessed is not with the approval of Twitter. As per the Business Insider report, a member of Spain Squad namely Akma with whom they had a conversation revealed that they didn’t want to disclose the exploit because Twitter would patch it, which they don’t want. Interestingly he was conversing through @LizardSquad account which was suspended again by Twitter.

The hacker Akma added they are a white hat hacking team. He tweeted “white hat” (non-malicious) hacking team: “We are not going to do anything strange now but with this account, is just for fun.” He added: “You can see what tweets I post, just for fun. After this, we going to deactive accounts or suspend again.”

An important tip which our readers should remember is not to click on any “too good to be true” links on Twitter. If someone offers you one of those cool handles for a price, do not purchase it. It can be a scam or fraud. Moreover, Twitter is likely to resuspend that account. So your money will just go waste.

Cyware Publisher