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Shiny Hunters Group Puts Millions of Stolen Records for Sale on Dark Web

Shiny Hunters Group Puts Millions of Stolen Records for Sale on Dark Web
A hacking group, Shiny Hunters, has started filling up a dark web marketplace with data stolen from nearly a dozen companies. This data comprised 73.2 million user records from these companies.

What is happening

  • The hacker group, earlier this week, started selling databases for HomeChef, ChatBooks, and Chronicle.com. Altogether, the three databases comprised a total of 26 million account details being sold on the dark web, with varying initial prices.
  • The group has continued flooding the underground market with more stolen databases, bringing up the number of hacked companies to 11.

The wider view

It seems that Shiny Hunters is on a data breach spree.
  • It all started when the group sold a database with over 90 million user records from Tokopedia.
  • After this massive stint, they targeted Unacademy and sold a database containing 22 million user records.
  • The following week, the group claimed to have hacked into Microsoft-owned GitHub and stolen 500 GB of data from several private repositories.

What is the response

  • ChatBooks has stated that no credit card information or photos were stolen.
  • Chronicle confirmed that they have launched an investigation into the breach in cooperation with a leading cybersecurity organization.
  • Many of the other affected companies are yet to respond to the data leaks.

What you can do

  • Users of the affected websites should change their passwords to use a unique and strong one.
  • It is recommened to use unique passwords for different sites.

In essence

Shiny Hunters has emerged as a serious dark web player and they are on a rampage. All affected users should be on the lookout for phishing attacks and identity theft attempts in the future.

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