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Singapore Airlines notifies customers of a new Phishing Scam

Singapore Airlines notifies customers of a new Phishing Scam
  • The airline company has alerted customers to be wary of phishing emails offering free airline tickets.
  • It also mentioned that scammers circulated online surveys through WhatsApp to ask people of their airline experience, following which they would send spam emails.

The world’s best airline company of 2018 has lately enticed interest in cybercriminals to conduct various attacks. A recent incident is the phishing scam believed to target the company’s customers. On Monday, Singapore Airlines (SIA) issued a warning on its website to alert its customers regarding online scams.

“This fraudulent online survey is designed to trick SIA customers into giving their personal and credit card information. If a recipient answers the survey questions and click on “Claim Tickets” or "WhatsApp", user will be redirected to a non-SIA website that is designed to trick the recipients into filling in their personal and credit card information. This fraudulent website is only accessible via mobile device browsers. They are shared and forwarded via WhatsApp,” said the airlines on its site.

Furthermore, SIA also shared a message earlier on its official Facebook page. “It has come to our attention that there is a website that claims to be from Singapore Airlines, offering free air tickets as prizes, before proceeding to request personal data. We have reported the site to be taken down and would like to advise customers to exercise discretion when revealing personal data to unverified sources. These websites, emails, and calls should be verified if in doubt. Please send us details on our social media channels or via this link http://singaporeair.com/en_UK/feedback-enquiry/.”

In fact, last week, a software glitch in SIA’s newly updated website led to a data breach incident. Travel information of around 285 customers was said to be compromised along with possible information out in the open.

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