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Six Reasons Why Your Cybersecurity Strategy Needs a Revamp

Six Reasons Why Your Cybersecurity Strategy Needs a Revamp

When was the last time you checked up on your cybersecurity strategy? Often, small and medium businesses consider security to be a reactive solution rather than a preventive, proactive solution. Well, if you fall into the latter category this article is very much for you. If you’re not monitoring and tuning your cybersecurity strategies, chances are, the fast-changing realities of the security world may have passed you by. This is not something where you want to fall behind, because that what the cybercriminals want you to do--to be a sitting duck. With that in mind, check out the following reasons your cybersecurity strategy may be in need of a fresh look.

Breaches are happening at a breakneck speed

According to Gartner, by 2020, 30 percent of the Global 2000 would have been attacked by independent and cyber activists. And, you certainly don’t want to be considered among Sony and Target.

Crime pays

Well, Harvard Business Review opines that industrial espionage is more effective than R&D. When juxtaposed with the low prosecution rates of cyberattacks criminal activity becomes a viable business strategy.

Ignorant until breached

A statistic points that about 90 percent of large companies are already breached. What startles you is that the average days of the dark period--where the company is unaware of the breach--is a whopping 146 days.

Firewall isn’t enough

A few years ago, protecting our environment would have been sufficed by a perimeter. But, that is now far from keeping your property safe. Thus, your organization shouldn’t just stop at perimeter defense. Cyber threats are more prevalent and persistent in nature.


The formula for keeping your organization secure from cyber attacks is to be vigilant all the time. Cybercriminals don’t give you the advantage of preparing for the battle. Your systems and networks need to be monitored and secured all day and night. Because, in cyberwar, there’s no cease-fire.

Criminals are well equipped than ever

The disadvantage that you’ll have against the criminals is they would have to use their tools and equipment right--just once. But, you need to be right all the times: 24x7, 365 days. How could achieve such a feat without staffing your operations center appropriately? Is your business capable to handle such a burden?

All these reasons are more than enough to make you rack your brains. So, are your present cybersecurity strategies enough to counter all the risks? If not, it’s time to gather your executive team at the drawing board.

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