• The cyber threats associated with wireless networks are discussed extensively, but the wired networks are not totally secure either.
  • To prevent a cyber attack through wired networks, it is essential to take the necessary precautions.

In today’s scenario where organizations tend to switch offices or work out of coworking spaces, the sockets and wiring may not be according to the organization’s requirement. This leads to the possibility that some sockets may be left as they are and network devices may be placed depending on the socket availability.

Threats associated with ethernet ports

If the port is in the reception or common area that is accessed by outsiders, there are chances of hackers connecting to these ports and gaining access to your organization’s internal network.

  • Most people will not pay attention to a person working on their laptop, connected to the ethernet port.
  • If the network’s resources have weak passwords, launching the attack becomes quite easy for the hacker.
  • The lack of easy methods of authentication or encryption also boosts the threat with wired networks.

Threats associated with network devices

Hackers may connect to devices such as routers, printers, ATMs, or terminals that are left unattended in public areas.

Defending against the threats

Irrespective of the size of your organization, here are few security measures you can implement against the wired network cyber threats.

  • Log network sockets and equipment in the office. It is helpful to record what devices are connected and their connectivity path in the network. If there are any sockets that are unused especially in public areas, make sure you disable them.
  • Consider assigning separate subnets to crucial departments. This way, even if your network is compromised, hackers will not be able to penetrate into those subnets.
  • Regularly monitor your network to make sure that patches have been applied and the default passwords have been modified.
  • Avoid placing network devices in areas that are prone to visitor access.
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