In the realm of cybersecurity, it is said there are two types of organisations, those who know they have been hacked and those who don’t. With every passing year the sophistication and complexity of cyber security threats is increasing. The experts have come up with an all encompassing solution known as “endpoint security“.

The concept of endpoint security management came into being because more and more people are now connecting to their work or home computers from remote locations through different devices. As a result the boundaries of network perimeters have become vague and centralized security devices are finding it very difficult to protect the network from unauthorized intrusions. Thus the entire concept of endpoint security revolves around efforts involving supplementing these centralized devices and helping the computers to protect themselves.

In market you will find different products offering endpoint security. While the basic purpose of each product is to stop attacks on your computers from unauthorized devices, but each product is different owing to the range and kind of security features it provides. Before you “zero-in” on a security product you need to understand that cybercrime succeeds mostly through mistakes of gullible employees. The entire paradigm of security attacks has undergone a tectonic shift. Although most of the attacks still happen through malwares, ransomwares and social engineering but nowadays extremely sophisticated methods like spearphishing are carried out.

Spear Phishing

Spearphishing offers the highest success rates to the attackers because most of the gullible and uninformed people end up downloading the infected attachment. The next gen endpoint security products like Invincea X will be game changer in cyber security arena. While traditional security applications look for known patterns, products like Invincea X use artificial intelligence, deep learning and behavioural monitoring to detect patterns associated with malware and lock it down within eight milliseconds of the user clicking on the affected link. X protects endpoints by detecting and blocking known and unknown malware—without signatures, automatically and in real-time. No matter where the malware originates – including weaponized Office docs, or spearphishing email links and attachments. Moreover these next gen products are also known to be hands free because unlike traditional security applications they don’t require regular scheduling scans and at the same time don’t affect system performance as well.

The next challenge in endpoint protection is to protect the smartphones and tablets. The next gen endpoint security is focusing on the advanced threats for computers but nowadays increasing number of users are finding it convenient to integrate their work with smartphone devices. While the focus on computer networks has always been predominant, it is time smartphones and tablets also receive equal attention.

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