The antivirus security framework of our computers determines how well we are protected from data and identity theft, ransomware attacks and from thousands of malicious codes out there. A general user always finds its difficult to pinpoint which antivirus is best for his/her computer. Worry, no more as Cyware has created the list for Top 5 Antivirus for 2016 out there.

1. Avast Free Antivirus

Powered with Smart Scan feature, Avast Free Antivirus allows users to maintain top notch security levels in their computer. With just a single click, the user can get a detailed report citing vulnerabilities, risky browser add-ons, weak passwords and the malicious software it has just removed from your PC. It is a free antivirus software made available by Avast with a lot of features. Though antivirus with similar features are also available in the market, what distinguishes Avast Free Antivirus is its performance. It does not slow down your computer and that is why has been rated excellent by most of the antivirus testing labs across the world.

2. Kaspersky Antivirus 2016

Kaspersky Labs is known as one of the best cyber security company across the world. No wonder it’s Kaspersky Antivirus 2016 has been acknowledged as one of the best antivirus tools of 2016. The anti-virus lays more emphasis on web filtering that blocks dangerous URLs, an accurate antivirus engine that detects and removes threats, smart monitoring technologies which track and reverse malicious actions. Kaspersky is a highly reliable antivirus delivering high performance and is worth every penny paid for it. It has constantly been rated best at top sites like AV-Comparatives for blocking and removing malware.

3. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2016

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2016 is one of the favorites of the testers especially because of its search engine which is considered as highly reliable. The thing with Bitdefender is that it does not come up for free. In the realm of free antivirus available throughout the internet Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2016 is a paid one. Despite the cost, bitdefender is one of the best antivirus out there with highly useful features like web-filtering which blocks access to malicious or infected websites, password manager for securing your credit/debit card details and a browser which is integrated with financial safety. The antivirus also blocks access to malicious web-pages and alerts the user whenever a malicious result is displayed in search engines. Bitdefender is known for its high range of features and high performance.

4. F-Secure Antivirus

F-Secure antivirus is known for its simplicity. But do not mistake its simplicity for its weakness. It has scored high on performance and comparatives in AV Testing. F-Secure antivirus is extremely lightweight and easy to use. It just does not slowdown your system and you can leave your system all alone under the protection of F-Secure. However, if you are a security professional, then it might not be able to satisfy you completely because of the little high number of false positives which it produces. For a general user, it is one of the fantastic antivirus software out there to use. It is one of the most value for money antivirus available out there and can run in background without getting into conflict with any other tool which is running simultaneously.

5. AVG Antivirus Free

AVG is long known for developing standard antivirus software. However, it was struggling due to competition in last few years. But with Avast purchasing AVG in 2015, things have improved for good. The AVG free antivirus edition provides core protection facilities. AVG has consistently secured a rank in the top 10 for its Real-World Protection test at AV-Comparatives website. The latest AV-Test conducted has found out that AVG offers above average protection rates, and the number of false positives has reduced.

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